Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel keyboard shortcuts

This list gives you a glance of (nearly) all shortcut combinations in Excel. Please take the time to read it. I'm sure you'll find many of them useful. There is also a list of the default shortcuts in ASAP Utilities.Microsoft Office: Excel shortcut and function keys
  • Microsoft Office Assistance: Work with the keyboard (with video)
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    Shortcuts for the Visual Basic Editor

    Shortcut keyActionMenu equivalent comments
    F2View Object BrowserView, Object Browser
    F3Find Next
    F4Properies WindowView, Properties Window
    F5Run Sub/Form or Run MacroRun, Run Macro
    F6Switch Split Windows
    F7View Code WindowView, Code
    F8Step IntoDebug, Step Into
    F9Toggle BreakpointDebug, Toggle Breakpoint
    F10Activate Menu Bar
    Shift+F2View definitionView, Definition
    Shift+F3Find Previous
    Shift+F7View ObjectView, Object
    Shift+F8Step OverDebug, Step Over
    Shift+F9Quick WatchDebug, Quick Watch
    Shift+F10Show Right Click Menu
    Ctrl+F2Focus To Object Box
    Ctrl+F4Close Window
    Ctrl+F8Run To CursorDebug, Run To Cursor
    Ctrl+F10Activate Menu Bar
    Alt+F4Close VBEFile, Close and Return to Microsoft Excel
    Alt+F6Switch Between Last 2 Windows
    Alt+F11Return To Application
    Ctrl+Shift+F2Go to last positionView, Last Position
    Ctrl+Shift+F8Step OutDebug, Step Out
    Ctrl+Shift+F9Clear All BreakpointsDebug, Clear All Breakpoints
    InsertToggle Insert Mode
    DeleteDeleteEdit, Clear
    HomeMove to beginning of line
    EndMove to end of line
    Page UpPage Up
    Page DownPage Down
    Left ArrowLeft
    Right ArrowRight
    Up ArrowUp
    Down ArrowDown
    TabIndentEdit, Indent
    EnterNew Line
    BackSpaceDelete Prev Char
    Shift+InsertPasteEdit, Paste
    Shift+HomeSelect To Start Of Line
    Shift+EndSelect To End Of Line
    Shift+Page UpSelect To Top Of Module
    Shift+Page DownSelect To End Of Module
    Shift+Left ArrowExtend Selection Left 1 Char
    Shift+Right ArrowExtend Selection Right 1 Char
    Shift+Up ArrowExtend Selection Up
    Shift+Down ArrowExtend Selection Down
    Shift+TabOutdentEdit, Outdent
    Alt+SpacebarSystem Menu
    Alt+TabCycle Applications
    Ctrl+ASelect AllEdit, Select All
    Ctrl+CCopyEdit, Copy
    Ctrl+EExport ModuleFile, Export File
    Ctrl+FFindEdit, Find…
    Ctrl+GImmediate WindowView, Immediate Window
    Ctrl+HReplaceEdit, Replace…
    Ctrl+ITurn On Quick InfoEdit, Quikc Info
    Ctrl+JList Properties/MethodsEdit, List Properties/Methods
    Ctrl+LShow Call Stack
    Ctrl+MImport FileFile, Import File
    Ctrl+NNew Line
    Ctrl+PPrintFile, Print
    Ctrl+RProject ExplorerView, Project Explorer
    Ctrl+SSaveFile, Save
    Ctrl+TShow Available ComponentsInsert, Components...
    Ctrl+VPasteEdit, Paste
    Ctrl+XCutEdit, Cut
    Ctrl+YCut Entire Line
    Ctrl+ZUndoEdit, Undo
    Ctrl+InsertCopyEdit, Copy
    Ctrl+DeleteDelete To End Of Word
    Ctrl+HomeTop Of Module
    Ctrl+EndEnd Of Module
    Ctrl+Page UpTop Of Current Procedure
    Ctrl+Page DownEnd Of Current Procedure
    Ctrl+Left ArrowMove one word to left
    Ctrl+Right ArrowMove one word to right
    Ctrl+Up ArrowPrevious Procedure
    Ctrl+Down ArrowNext Procedure
    Ctrl+SpacebarComplete WordEdit, Complete Word
    Ctrl+TabCycle Windows
    Ctrl+BackSpaceDelete To Start Of Word
    Ctrl+Shift+IParameter InfoEdit, Parameter Info
    Ctrl+Shift+JList ConstantsEdit, List Constants


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